What is Golden Delish?

Golden Delish vodka is small batch distilled vodka. It is created by people who have a passion for purity and quality of the ingredients. This and our passion for Vodka lead to the creation of Golden Delish. Our vodka is gluten free, 100% made in Australia from Australian best natural ingredients.

Why is it called Golden Delish?

Apples. Lots of apples that we sourced from Victoria’s Gippsland region. And all the fruit we source for our Vodka is “A” grade (like the ones you eat); they are cold pressed to create a crisp fresh finish. We then ferment the apples into hard cider and then put through at 10 plate copper distillation process (that’s a lot of copper plates folks). We then filter the hard cider through charcoal not once, not twice, but three times to create the smooth purity that our vodka delivers.

We continue our search for the best ingredients….

We use pristine water from the Hunter Valley Region in New South Wales to bring the vodka to proof. This helps us create vodka that is unlike any other vodka in the world. It is not over distilled so to keep the clean refreshingly smooth sweetness that you would expect from vodka made from one of Australia’s finest Apples.

Xavier Nalty

Xavier Nalty



Let’s call him Xavier (because that’s his name). Xav is the head chef at a bustling Victorian restaurant. Xav’s passion for food lead him to experimenting with high quality natural ingredients to make the finest vodka. We think you will agree.

Try our Vodka and you will understand what we are on about. Golden Delish. It’s delish.